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The Lakers Nation Podcast is dedicated to providing intelligent Los Angeles Lakers talk year-round. Hosted by Senior Writer Trevor Lane, this podcast provides a big-picture look at the Lakers world while also addressing week-to-week news. We bring on a variety of guests from the Lakers community to provide different perspectives about the purple and gold. New episodes will be available every week on iTunes, Stitcher and the CLNS Media Network mobile app. Follow Lakers Nation on Facebook and Twitter @LakersNation
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May 8, 2017

The Lakers Nation Podcast has host Trevor Lane and guest Sam Vecenie digging into the draft lottery, who the top picks will be, and much more

0:20- Paul George trades

:2:30- Draft Lottery discussion

10:00- Is LaVar Ball hurting Lonzo's draft stock?

14:45- Evaluating the draft board

26:00- Who could Lakers select with 28th pick?

29:30- Is Harry Giles this year's Skal Labissiere?

34:15- Where would Brandon Ingram go in this year's draft?

39:30- Could Kristaps Porzingis be traded? What could the Lakers offer?

49:00- NBA Playoffs

May 1, 2017

This week's episode of the Lakers Nation Podcast features host Trevor Lane chatting with Kelvin Washington of ESPNLA's "Marcellus And Kelvin Show". We talk about the latest Paul George rumors and also dive into the Lakers vs Clippers rivalry and whether or not Los Angeles will always be a Lakers town. Plus, we discuss the shocking layoffs at ESPN. 

Twitter: @Trevor_Lane, @Kdubblive


1:30- ESPN layoffs

10:00- Clippers problems

15:00- Will LA always be a Lakers town?

26:00- Lakers need more personality, Lonzo & LaVar Ball? 

28:00- Should Lonzo Ball be the first pick? 

33:00- How does Larry Bird stepping down impact Paul George?

42:00- Motivation from Kelvin


Apr 24, 2017

It may be the offseason but CourtCast by Lakers Nation is going strong. Today we talk about the possibility of trading Paul George, the Lakers' options in free agency, and if it's time to part with some of the young players with guest Alex Kennedy. 

Twitter: @Trevor_Lane, @AlexKennedyNBA


0:45- NBA Playoffs

3:30- Lakers target stars

5:30- Free agent options

6:30- Trading for Paul George a mistake?

10:45- Impact of Magic Johnson/Rob Pelinka

15:00- Is anyone untouchable? 

21:30- Waiting out top teams

28:30- Lakers cap space

30:00- Let Tarik Black go?

45:00- Blake Griffin to Lakers?

47:00- Alex interviews Kobe Bryant, king of Orlando



Apr 17, 2017

Recapping the Los Angeles Lakers 2016-2017 and looking ahead to a busy summer with Serena Winters and Corey Hansford

Twitter: @Trevor_Lane, @SerenaWinters, @TheeCoreyH


0:55- Was this Lakers season a success? 

7:45- Brandon Ingram's work ethic

9:00- Is Ivica Zubac a starter?

16:20- Rob Pelinka's Attack Plan

22:15- Trade for Carmelo Anthony?

25:00- Standout moments from young Lakers

31:00- Draft lottery superstitions 

Apr 10, 2017

The Los Angeles Lakers and Phoenix Suns are in the middle of an epic tank war, so this episode of CourtCast has host Trevor Lane and guest Gerald Borguet take a look at both sides of the conflict. 

Twitter: @Trevor_Lane, @GeraldBorguet

1:15- Update on the tank race

2:30- Suns fans opinion on tanking

4:30- Lakers fans opinions

6:00- Who would the Suns pick 1st overall?

7:30- Impact of shutting down Bledsoe

12:00- Differences between Lakers and Suns tanking efforts

13:30- Why Suns fans may not be happy if LAL lose their pick

19:00- Is tanking a problem for the NBA?

24:00- Fans vs players

29:00- Fixing the NBA Draft

40:00- Why it’s not good to be on Markieff Morris’ bad side

Apr 6, 2017

On this episode of CourtCast by host Trevor Lane and guest Chris McGee of Spectrum SportsNet discuss the state of the Lakers. We talk Luke Walton's job performance, how veteran players react to tanking, and just how catastrophic it would be for the Lakers to lose their 2017 draft pick. 

Twitter: @Trevor_Lane, @geeter3


0:50- Surviving the tank

4:45- How veteran players react to tanking

6:45- Why tanking is so difficult for fans

11:30- Will the Phoenix Suns win another game? 

14:00- Why keeping the pick matters so much

18:15- Geeter on why Luke Walton is a superstar

31:10- D'Angelo Russell, shooting guard? 

34:00- Magic Johnson at the helm

37:00- Moving Mozgov and Deng

38:00- Trade the pick? 

43:00- Geeter's Favorite Stories From Covering The Lakers


Apr 3, 2017

With the Lakers season winding down, we spend this episode of CourtCast by discussing D'Angelo Russell's mentality as well as the job that head coach Luke Walton has done. Plus put on the GM hat and play a fun game pitting Lakers players against other NBA talents. Trevor Lane hosts with guest Jabari Davis. 

Twitter: @Trevor_Lane, @JabariDavisNBA

1:10- Has D'Angelo Russell had a successful season?

3:00- Does Russell have the wrong mentality for the Lakers? 

5:00- Wait- Russell ISN'T the next Magic Johnson????

9:00- Is Russell a point guard or shooting guard?

12:00- Talking 2017 NBA Draft- Ball vs Fultz

18:30- Malik Monk 3rd overall? 

19:30- Assessing Luke Walton's performance this year

30:30- Player vs player breakdown

42:30- The time Jabari made people think he was an NBA player



Mar 27, 2017

This episode of CourtCast by takes a look at some of the young talent that the Lakers have acquired over the years. Who should stay and who should be traded this summer? Guest Ryan Ward and host Trevor Lane discuss. 

Twitter: @Trevor_Lane, @RyanWardLA

1:30 - Tank Race talk

7:45- Has Jordan Clarkson hit his ceiling?

13:30- Julius Randle's development

17:15- D'Angelo Russell's motivation 


28:00- Brandon Ingram's All-Star potential

35:00- Zubac Nation

39:00- The Shaq Statue Event

44:00- The time Ryan got stuck in an elevator with Phil Jackson and Jeanie Buss

Mar 20, 2017

CourtCast by has Senior Writer Trevor Lane and Coach Nick of BBall Breakdown discuss the top picks in the upcoming NBA draft. With March Madness in full swing, should Markelle Fultz be at the top of the Lakers draft board? Or should UCLA's Lonzo Ball or Josh Jackson of Kansas get the nod? 

Twitter: @Trevor_Lane, @bballbreakdown


1:00- Who should be the top pick? 

5:30- Is Lonzo Ball athletic enough? 

7:30- Lonzo Ball vs Magic Johnson

9:30- Markelle Fultz as number one? 

13:30- Can Ball or Fultz fit with D'Angelo Russell?

17:00- Talking Josh Jackson

23:45- Who to consider with Houston's pick? 

28:15- Coach Nick goes one-on-one with Jerry West

Mar 13, 2017

CourtCast by features host Trevor Lane and guest Alex Kennedy of discussing the Buss family drama, the ethics of tanking, Lakers GM Rob Pelinka's connections, and whether Markelle Fultz or Lonzo Ball should be selected first in the NBA draft. Plus, Alex talks about the time an NBA All-Star took him under his wing. 

Twitter: @Trevor_Lane, @AlexKennedyNBA

1:00- Lakers drama

6:00- Rob Pelinka's connections

8:15- Ethics of tanking

15:30- Markelle Fultz vs Lonzo Ball

24:30- Is LaVar Ball a negative for NBA franchises?

28:30- How important are pre-draft workouts?

33:40- Nick Young's Free Agency

40:30- What's it like for an NBA player to be traded mid-season?

45:00- Alex talks about Steve Francis taking him under his wing


Mar 6, 2017

This episode of CourtCast features host Trevor Lane and guest Mark Medina of the Southern California News Group talking about D'Angelo Russell, the development of Ivica Zubac, and Mark tells a story about the time Metta World Peace tried to tackle him.

Twitter: @Trevor_Lane, @MarkG_Medina 


1:00- Assessing Magic Johnson's performance

9:15- Lakers post Lou Williams trade

15:45- Most impressive young Lakers

23:00- D'Angelo Russell's success and failure

31:20- Lakers young players not untouchable? 

34:00- What Lakers need this summer

37:45- The time MWP tried to tackle Mark 

Mar 2, 2017

On this episode of CourtCast host Trevor Lane and guest John Ireland, the radio voice of the Los Angeles Lakers, talk about the great Lakers vs Celtics rivalry, tanking, and the future of both franchises. 


Twitter: @Trevor_Lane, @LAIreland


0:40- Is the Lakers vs Celtics rivalry still relevant? 

5:00- What Dr. Buss thought about the Celtics

10:00- Which team has the brighter future?

16:15- Paul George, superstar? 

21:30- Ranking Lakers young core

28:45- Changing draft pick trading

33:30- Make a trade for a star? 

37:30- Mitch Kupchak vs Magic Johnson

38:15- Lakers vs Celtics predictions, Mychal Thompson pranks Chick Hearn


Feb 28, 2017

On this episode of CourtCast host Trevor Lane and guest Serena Winters of Lakers Nation dive into the changing front office and how it's going to impact Lakers fans. Plus, we spend a moment basking in the glory of Zubac. 

Twitter: @Trevor_Lane, @SerenaWinters


1:20- Magic Johnson at Lakers All Access

3:15- Magic's connection w/ Lakers fans

8:15- Magic on Luke Walton, impact on free agents

19:00- Lakers play on the floor

21:40- Ivica Zubac's rise

33:10- Favorite moment in Lakers history

Feb 24, 2017

CourtCast by Lakers Nation features host Trevor Lane and guest Keith Smith of RealGM, 16winsaring, and Celticsblog discussing the NBA trade deadline. Will Paul George end up in Los Angeles, or will the Boston Celtics beat them to the superstar swingman? 

Twitter: @Trevor_Lane, @KeithSmithNBA


0:50- Marcelo Huertas for Tyler Ennis

3:40- No trade for Nick Young

5:45- Lou Williams trade

8:35- Paul George situation

15:20- Boston Celtics fail to find trade

20:50- Bulls-Thunder trade 

26:40- Raptors-Suns trade

29:20- Mavericks-76ers trade

Feb 22, 2017

CourtCast by Lakers Nation features host Trevor Lane and guest Corey Hansford discussing the hiring of Magic Johnson and Rob Pelinka. They also dig into the Lou Williams trade and talk about whether or not it was a good deal for Los Angeles. 

Twitter: @Trevor_Lane, @TheeCoreyH


0:45- Magic Johnson hiring

13:30- Sympathy for Mitch Kupchak and Jim Buss?

16:50- DeMarcus Cousins failed trade

20:25- Lou Williams trade

Feb 20, 2017

CourtCast by Lakers Nation features host Trevor Lane and special guest Eric Pincus who discuss the Lakers front office situation and Magic Johnson potentially taking Jim Buss' role in the organization. They also take a look at the Lakers' salary cap situation and where things stand for next summer and discuss the upcoming trade deadline. 

Twitter: @Trevor_Lane, @EricPincus

0:50- Good, Bad, and Ugly of Jim Buss/Mitch Kupchak

4:05- Magic Johnson replacing Jim Buss? 

9:15- Lakers salary cap

13:30- Deng/Mozgov Contracts & Trade Market

19:25- Tarik Black contract situation

23:30- Trade deadline rumors & Lou Williams trade

27:55- Nick Young trade discussion, general Lakers trade talk

36:50- D'Angelo Russell's minutes






Feb 13, 2017

Courtcast by Lakers Nation dives into the return of Magic Johnson to the Los Angeles Lakers and examines what he brings to the front office. Could Johnson's arrival signal that Jim Buss and possibly Mitch Kupchak will be on the way out? Host Trevor Lane and special guest Alex Kennedy of also dig deep into the NBA trade deadline, which is rapidly approaching. Which teams could make big moves? Will the Lakers trade away a veteran player like Louis Williams or Nick Young, and what could they receive in return? Also, what is it like to be an NBA player while trade rumors are flying? All of this plus much more on this packed episdoe of CourtCast.  

Feb 6, 2017

Court Cast by Lakers Nation takes a look at the current state of two of the league's glamor franchises, the Los Angeles Lakers and the New York Knicks. Host Trevor Lane and guest Randy Cruz break down what is going on in New York with legendary ex-Lakers coach Phil Jackson running the show. Are the Carmelo Anthony trade rumors legit and what would the Knicks be looking for in return? How does Anthony's no-trade clause factor in? And what would that mean for Derek Rose's future? Plus, compared to the current state of the Knicks, are the Los Angeles Lakers on the right path towards rebuilding? 

Feb 3, 2017

CourtCast by Lakers Nation takes a look at the historic Lakers vs Celtics rivalry with host Trevor Lane and guest Jared Weiss. We dig into what makes this year's Celtics team so dangerous and also discuss why the Lakers are heading in a positive direction. Isaiah Thomas' improbable rise from 60th pick to unstoppable scorer is also discussed, as is the call for patience in the development of D'Angelo Russell, Brandon Ingram, Ivica Zubac, and the rest of the young Lakers. Additionally, we discuss potential Celtics trade targets, including Jimmy Butler and Blake Griffin.

Jan 31, 2017

CourtCast by Lakers Nation breaks down the latest news surrounding the Los Angeles Lakers with host Trevor Lane and guest Lakers Nation Contributor Hannah Kulik. We dig into the stellar play of rookie center Ivica Zubac as well as the concerns about Brandon Ingram's wayward jump shot. We also take a look at the hot and cold seasons put forth by D'Angelo Russell and Julius Randle and also weigh the possibilities of the Lakers making a trade at the deadline. With the draft pick at stake, we discuss tanking and whether or not it's an acceptable path for the Lakers to pursue. 

Jan 28, 2017

CourtCast by Lakers Nation breaks down the latest news surrounding the Los Angeles Lakers with Trevor Lane and special guest Lakers Nation Senior Editor Corey Hansford. We dig into Brandon Ingram's development and discuss the idea of the Lakers tanking in an effort to keep their 2017 draft pick. They also discuss various trades that the Lakers could explore at the deadline, and whether or not the team is moving in the right direction in their rebuilding efforts.

Jan 28, 2017

CourtCast by Lakers Nation debuts with host Trevor Lane, who digs into some of the latest trade rumors swirling around the Los Angeles Lakers. As one of the league's glamor franchises, the Lakers come up frequently in trade talks, and we break down the latest news. Will they strike a deal for Atlanta's Paul Millsap or Philadelphia's Nerlens Noel? And what does that tell us about their plans going forward this season? How does Jim Buss' infamous deadline factor in? All that and much, much more in the debut episode of CourtCast!

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