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The Lakers Nation Podcast is dedicated to providing intelligent Los Angeles Lakers talk year-round. Hosted by Senior Writer Trevor Lane, this podcast provides a big-picture look at the Lakers world while also addressing week-to-week news. We bring on a variety of guests from the Lakers community to provide different perspectives about the purple and gold. New episodes will be available every week on iTunes, Stitcher and the CLNS Media Network mobile app. Follow Lakers Nation on Facebook and Twitter @LakersNation
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Sep 18, 2017

Los Angeles Lakers training camp is just around the corner so Trevor Lane chats with Serena Winters about what goes on at camp and who will win some of the major positional battles on the team. 

Twitter: @Trevor_Lane, @SerenaWinters

2:00- Ball in the Family

5:00- Training Camp

13:45- Lonzo's Impact

17:45- Luke Walton's growth

27:15- Positional Battles

45:45- Julius Randle's big year

Sep 14, 2017

We bring in Lakers rookie Lonzo Ball to talk about his preparations for his first NBA season, playing for Luke Walton, working out with Steve Nash and Kevin Durant, and much more. 

Twitter: @ZO2_, @Trevor_Lane, @Hannah_Kulik

1:45- Lonzo on the offseason, playing for the Lakers/Luke Walton, teaming up with Kyle Kuzma, and more

14:20- Hannah Kulik & Trevor Lane dig into Lonzo's interview

Sep 11, 2017

How many games will the Lakers win this season? Does loyalty still exist in the NBA? And should the league reform the draft lottery to try to stop tanking? Trevor Lane and Jared Weiss discuss.

Twitter: @Trevor_Lane, @JaredWeissNBA

5:00- Should the NBA try to end tanking by reforming the Draft Lottery?

29:15- How many games will the Lakers win?

43:00- Does loyalty exist in the NBA? 



Sep 4, 2017

We kick off this episode by breaking down the rumor about Pacers owner Herb Simon suing the Lakers & NBA over the Paul George tampering dispute, then bring in Mark Medina to talk about his experiences covering the Lakers for the better part of a decade. 

Twitter: @Trevor_Lane, @MarkG_Medina

1:00- Pacers to sue Lakers?

18:00- Mark Medina follows Nick Young to Warriors

23:45- L.A. heading in right direction?

30:00- Can Lakers finally land a star?

35:15- Projecting Julius Randle's season

38:15- Projecting Jordan Clarkson's season

43:30- 2001 LAL vs 2017 GSW

46:15- Mark's favorite moments covering LAL


Aug 28, 2017

The Los Angeles Lakers are busy getting ready for next season, so we decided now would be a great time to have fans ask questions about all things purple and gold. Host Trevor Lane and guest Hannah Kulik cover a ton of topics, ranging from Luol Deng and Jordan Clarkson trades to what a matchup between the 2001 Lakers and current Golden State Warriors would look like. It's a fun episode you don't want to miss: 

Twitter: @Trevor_Lane, @hannah_kulik

1:50- Trading Luol Deng

5:00- Russell Westbrook back to LA?

8:30- Jordan Clarkson trades

15:30- Projecting Brandon Ingram

21:30- Lakers All-Time Starting 5

29:45- LeBron/George vs Westbrook/Cousins

34:15- Are Lakers better than last year? 

39:30- Lakers defense

47:30- Lonzo Ball's stats

52:00- 01 Lakers vs today's Warriors


Aug 21, 2017

The Los Angeles Lakers could be in a bit of hot water after the Indiana Pacers filed tampering charges against them that allege Magic Johnson had improper contact with Paul George. Lakers Nation Podcast host Trevor Lane and cap expert Eric Pincus discuss the situation and dig into what the Lakers need to do to have enough space for two max contracts next summer. 

Twitter: @Trevor_Lane, @EricPincus

1:00- Paul George tampering accusation

16:30- Lakers path to LeBron James/Paul George/ DeMarcus Cousins/Russell Westbrook

37:30- Lakers could retain Brook Lopez on the cheap

43:15- LeBron James in L.A. 

55:00- Battle for the Lakers final roster spot

Aug 14, 2017

This episode of the LN Podcast dives into the Kobe Bryant vs LeBron James debate, which was rekindled recently when Lonzo Ball and Markelle Fultz both weighed in. Host Trevor Lane and guest Josh Eberley also discuss the top games on the Lakers' schedule, the imbalance between the Eastern and Western Conferences, and the BIG3 basketball league. 

Twitter: @Trevor_Lane, @JoshEberley


2:00- Big3 Basketball

10:00- Kobe Bryant vs. LeBron James

25:30- Lakers big game breakdown

35:00- Conference imbalance

Aug 7, 2017

The Los Angeles Lakers have huge plans for next summer, but what moves will have to be made to free up the cap space that they need? It won't be easy, and Julius Randle, Jordan Clarkson, Luol Deng, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, and Brook Lopez could be the casualties. 

Twitter: @Trevor_Lane, @KeithSmithNBA

1:25- Lakers summer of success

5:30- 2018 free agent targets

11:00- Lakers current cap situation

17:30- How valuable is Jordan Clarkson?

24:30- What can the Lakers do with Luol Deng's contract?

37:00- Julius Randle conundrum

47:00- Can Brandon Ingram play with LeBron and George?

54:00- What is plan B for LA? 

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Jul 31, 2017

On this episode of the LN Podcast, host Trevor Lane and guest Hannah Kulik hand out grades for what has been an exciting summer for the Los Angeles Lakers. 

Twitter: @Trevor_Lane, @Hannah_Kulik

2:45- Lakers cap space plan

4:30- Grading the D'Angelo Russell trade

9:30- Grading the Lakers draft

20:00- Grading the Kentavious Caldwell-Pope signing

32:15- Grading the Tyler Ennis signing

37:30- Grading the Thomas Bryant & Vander Blue signings

44:00- Overall grades

Jul 24, 2017

In our latest episode, we discuss how Kyrie Irving's trade request impacts the Lakers, and why L.A. tried not only to trade for Dwyane Wade, but to keep him long-term. Plus, how real are the LeBron James rumors?

Twitter: @Trevor_Lane, @AlexKennedyNBA

1:45- Kyrie Irving demands trade, what does that mean for Lakers?

9:15- Indiana's Paul George mistake

16:00- Lakers failed trade for Dwyane Wade

24:00- How real is LeBron James to LA?

30:00 Magic & Pelinka turning around Lakers

33:00- D'Angelo Russell trade looking better



Jul 17, 2017

On this episode of the Lakers Nation Podcast, we dig into Lonzo Ball and Kyle Kuzma's impressive Summer League success as a duo. We also talk about the Kentavious Caldwell-Pope signing, and why he helps the Lakers just as much as they help him. Plus, has Thomas Bryant been better than Ivica Zubac, and what does that mean for big Zu's future? 

2:00- Lonzo Ball's big summer

9:20- Kyle Kuzma making Lakers look brilliant w/ 27th pick

12:45- Fan mailbag- Do Lakers need more 3s? 

19:45- Why Kentavious Caldwell-Pope makes the Lakers dangerous

24:20- What's eating Ivica Zubac? 

29:30- Brandon Ingram blows up

Jul 11, 2017

This show comes to you from Las Vegas where we bring in Hannah Kulik, Nick Gelso, and Jared Weiss to talk about Lonzo Ball's development, Rajon Rondo coming to the Lakers, Summer League injuries, and much more. 


1:00- Lonzo Ball's development

6:15- Rajon Rondo to Lakers?

14:50- Jayson Tatum blowing up

21:35- Kyle Kuzma on fire

25:00- Lakers fans invade Las Vegas

28:30- Unheralded top performers


Jul 6, 2017

Host Trevor Lane and guest Jabari Davis preview the Lakers Summer League, which starts on Friday. We also dig into the latest free agency news and rumors. 

2:00- Gordon Hayward to Boston

8:00- Nick Young to Warriors

11:15- Lakers free agency plan

16:50- Is Rondo really a good fit?

21:45- Free agent targets

26:20- Summer League Preview

39:00- Lakers over-under


Jul 3, 2017

The LN Podcast takes a look at who the Lakers will sign in free agency, including rumors of Dion Waiters and Rajon Rondo. Plus, why was the Paul George trade actually a win for the Lakers? 

Twitter: @Trevor_Lane, @Hannah_Kulik


1:15- Lakers Free Agent Strategy

6:30- Wild Wild West

8:45- Blake Griffin Blunder

10:00- Dion Waiters in LA?

13:45- Nick Young to GSW?

15:50- Should Lakers sing Rajon Rondo?

29:30- Goodbye Tarik Black

33:00- Paul George Stolen

39:00- Paul George & Russell Westbrook to LA?

Jun 28, 2017

The Lakers Nation Podcast has host Trevor Lane and Yahoo NBA Insider Jordan Schultz on all the NBA madness going on right now. We talk about the Chris Paul trade, Phil Jackson leaving the Knicks, the latest Paul George rumors, and the Lakers plans in free agency.

Twitter: @Trevor_Lane, @Schultz_Report

1:15- Lane on CP3 trade

4:45- Small bummer for Boston

5:30- Lakers absorbing a contract?

6:45- NBA Draft 

11:00- Paul George rollercoaster

16:45- Schultz on CP3 trade/Blake Griffin

19:00- Clippers can't take LA from Lakers

20:00- Lakers free agency

24:00 Jordan Clarkson's value

25:15- Tarik Black team option

26:15- Phil Jackson out in NY 


Jun 27, 2017

We hand out grades for the Lakers 2017 NBA Draft, discuss all the crazy Paul George rumors, and preview the free agent frenzy that is coming up. 

Twitter: @Trevor_Lane, @Hannah_Kulik

Grading the draft

3:45- Lonzo Ball

7:20- D'Angelo Russell trade

9:45- Kyle Kuzma

14:00- Josh Hart

17:00- Thomas Bryant

19:40- Paul George

24:30- Free Agent Frenzy



Jun 21, 2017

Los Angeles Lakers power forward Larry Nance Jr. joins the show to discuss the D'Angelo Russell trade, the potential of Paul George joining the team, dunking on Brook Lopez, Lonzo Ball, and more. Plus, Yahoo Sports NBA Insider Jordan Schultz talks about the latest Lakers rumors: 

Twitter: @Trevor_Lane, @Larrydn22, @Schultz_Report


1:10- Larry Nance Jr

30:45- Yahoo's NBA Insider Jordan Schultz on latest Lakers Rumors

Jun 19, 2017

This episode of the Lakers Nation Podcast has host Trevor Lane and guest Alex Kennedy talking Paul George rumors, who appears to have finally delivered an ultimatum to Indiana. Is he bound for LA? Plus, we analyze the Celtics-76ers trade and preview the NBA Draft. 

Twitter: @Trevor_Lane, @AlexKennedyNBA


3:30- Deep dive into Paul George rumors

23:30- Analyzing Celtics-76ers trade

39:50- NBA Draft Preview

Jun 16, 2017

This episode of the Lakers Nation Podcast features guest LaVar Ball discussing the NBA Draft, his son Lonzo, and of course, why he should be the Lakers pick at number two. Then, we check in with Ryan Ward to get his take on which draft prospects fit best with the Lakers.


Twitter: @Trevor_Lane, @Lavarbigballer, @RyanWardLA


1:10- LaVar Ball

14:50- Ryan Ward

Jun 12, 2017

On this episode of the Lakers Nation Podcast, host Trevor Lane and guests Derek Bodner and Gerald Borguet break down potential picks for the Los Angeles Lakers, Philadelphia 76ers, and Phoenix Suns in the NBA Draft, plus we talk possible trades. 

Twitter: @Trevor_Lane, @DerekBodnerNBA, @GeraldBorguet


1:30- Are PHI fans upset about not getting LAL's '17 pick?

4:15- Disappointed Suns fans

7:00- What happens to the draft if LAL select Ball? 

14:30- Could SAC trade 5 & 10?

17:45- What happens if LAL take Jackson?

22:45- Things get crazy if LAL take De'Aaron Fox

26:00- Jahlil Okafor trades

28:30- Suns putting Bledsoe, Dudley, Chandler on the block?

35:00- Trust the Process?


Jun 5, 2017

This packed episode of the Lakers Nation Podcast features host Trevor Lane chatting with Jordan Schultz about the rumors that the Lakers might not draft Lonzo Ball and trade Jordan Clarkson. Then, we bring in Mike Schmitz of Draft Express to break down all of the Lakers' options with their draft picks. 

Twitter: @Trevor_Lane, @Schultz_Report, @Mike_Schmitz

Jordan Schultz

1:45- Sources indicate Lakers may not take Lonzo Ball 1st overall

7:30- Jordan Clarkson trade rumors

9:45- Is Clarkson trade a precursor to Paul George?

Mike Schmitz

17:00- Markelle Fultz

20:00- Lonzo Ball

29:15- Josh Jackson

34:30- Jayson Tatum

37:30- De'Aaron Fox

42:30- Dennis Smith Jr

28th pick players

48:00- Semi Ojeleye

49:15- Derrick White

50:15- Jawun Evans

51:10- Jordan Bell

53:15- How strong is the '17 Draft?

Jun 1, 2017

This episode of the Lakers Nation Podcast features host Trevor Lane and guest Mark Medina of the Southern California News Group discussing D'Angelo Russell's work ethic and what the Lakers will do with him if they draft Lonzo Ball. 

Twitter: @Trevor_Lane, @MarkG_Medina

1:15- Does D'Angelo Russell have a bad work ethic? 

13:00- What do the Lakers think of Russell?

15:15- Is Ingram ahead of Russell?

18:00- Can Russell & Lonzo Ball co-exist?

20:30- Does Russell not want Lonzo in LA?

25:00- How would Magic Johnson handle LaVar Ball?

34:00- Draft workout talk

43:00- Which young Laker will improve the most this summer?

May 29, 2017

Should the Lakers draft Lonzo Ball or De'Aaron Fox? The Lakers Nation Podcast discusses, plus we debate whether or not Brandon Ingram should be as untouchable as Magic Johnson claims he is.
Twitter: @Trevor_Lane, @SerenaWinters, @Hannah_Kulik

3:15- What do the Lakers need?
5:00- Lakers draft workouts
8:00- How important are workouts?
10:00- The case for De'Aaron Fox
14:00- The case for Lonzo Ball
16:30- D'Angelo Russell with Ball
19:50- Fit vs Best Player Available
21:20- Is Brandon Ingram untouchable?
30:00- What is Ivica Zubac working on?

May 22, 2017

This episode of the Lakers Nation Podcast host Trevor Lane and draft expert Sam Vecenie break down each of the Lakers' options with the second pick. Plus, we take a look at Julius Randle's tricky contract situation and how it will impact the team this year. 

Twitter: @Trevor_Lane, @Sam_Vecenie

 1:45- Importance of LA keeping pick

4:00- Please pass on Fultz, Boston

7:00- Lonzo Ball in LA

13:45- Trade D'Angelo Russell?

15:30- Drafting De'Aaron Fox

21:00- Drafting Jayson Tatum

23:45- Drafting Josh Jackson

31:00- So who should Lakers select?

33:45- Lonzo Ball: high risk, high reward?

35:00- Julius Randle's tricky contract



May 17, 2017

Lakers fans can finally exhale now that the basketball gods have smiled upon them in the draft lottery. We break down what the 2nd overall pick means for LA and what their options are moving forward. 

Twitter: @Trevor_Lane, @TheeCoreyH

1:30- Draft recap

6:15- Was it rigged? 

8:30- What's do Lakers do with the pick?

12:00- Is D'Angelo Russell a 2 guard now?

15:00- The LaVar Ball factor

19:15- Trade pick for Paul George?

22:45- What Celtics do with no.1

24:30- Lonzo forcing his way to Lakers

29:45- Lakers win streak saves pick


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