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The Lakers Nation Podcast is dedicated to providing intelligent Los Angeles Lakers talk year-round. Hosted by Senior Writer Trevor Lane, this podcast provides a big-picture look at the Lakers world while also addressing week-to-week news. We bring on a variety of guests from the Lakers community to provide different perspectives about the purple and gold. New episodes will be available every week on iTunes, Stitcher and the CLNS Media Network mobile app. Follow Lakers Nation on Facebook and Twitter @LakersNation
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Apr 24, 2017

It may be the offseason but CourtCast by Lakers Nation is going strong. Today we talk about the possibility of trading Paul George, the Lakers' options in free agency, and if it's time to part with some of the young players with guest Alex Kennedy. 

Twitter: @Trevor_Lane, @AlexKennedyNBA


0:45- NBA Playoffs

3:30- Lakers target stars

5:30- Free agent options

6:30- Trading for Paul George a mistake?

10:45- Impact of Magic Johnson/Rob Pelinka

15:00- Is anyone untouchable? 

21:30- Waiting out top teams

28:30- Lakers cap space

30:00- Let Tarik Black go?

45:00- Blake Griffin to Lakers?

47:00- Alex interviews Kobe Bryant, king of Orlando



Apr 17, 2017

Recapping the Los Angeles Lakers 2016-2017 and looking ahead to a busy summer with Serena Winters and Corey Hansford

Twitter: @Trevor_Lane, @SerenaWinters, @TheeCoreyH


0:55- Was this Lakers season a success? 

7:45- Brandon Ingram's work ethic

9:00- Is Ivica Zubac a starter?

16:20- Rob Pelinka's Attack Plan

22:15- Trade for Carmelo Anthony?

25:00- Standout moments from young Lakers

31:00- Draft lottery superstitions 

Apr 10, 2017

The Los Angeles Lakers and Phoenix Suns are in the middle of an epic tank war, so this episode of CourtCast has host Trevor Lane and guest Gerald Borguet take a look at both sides of the conflict. 

Twitter: @Trevor_Lane, @GeraldBorguet

1:15- Update on the tank race

2:30- Suns fans opinion on tanking

4:30- Lakers fans opinions

6:00- Who would the Suns pick 1st overall?

7:30- Impact of shutting down Bledsoe

12:00- Differences between Lakers and Suns tanking efforts

13:30- Why Suns fans may not be happy if LAL lose their pick

19:00- Is tanking a problem for the NBA?

24:00- Fans vs players

29:00- Fixing the NBA Draft

40:00- Why it’s not good to be on Markieff Morris’ bad side

Apr 6, 2017

On this episode of CourtCast by host Trevor Lane and guest Chris McGee of Spectrum SportsNet discuss the state of the Lakers. We talk Luke Walton's job performance, how veteran players react to tanking, and just how catastrophic it would be for the Lakers to lose their 2017 draft pick. 

Twitter: @Trevor_Lane, @geeter3


0:50- Surviving the tank

4:45- How veteran players react to tanking

6:45- Why tanking is so difficult for fans

11:30- Will the Phoenix Suns win another game? 

14:00- Why keeping the pick matters so much

18:15- Geeter on why Luke Walton is a superstar

31:10- D'Angelo Russell, shooting guard? 

34:00- Magic Johnson at the helm

37:00- Moving Mozgov and Deng

38:00- Trade the pick? 

43:00- Geeter's Favorite Stories From Covering The Lakers


Apr 3, 2017

With the Lakers season winding down, we spend this episode of CourtCast by discussing D'Angelo Russell's mentality as well as the job that head coach Luke Walton has done. Plus put on the GM hat and play a fun game pitting Lakers players against other NBA talents. Trevor Lane hosts with guest Jabari Davis. 

Twitter: @Trevor_Lane, @JabariDavisNBA

1:10- Has D'Angelo Russell had a successful season?

3:00- Does Russell have the wrong mentality for the Lakers? 

5:00- Wait- Russell ISN'T the next Magic Johnson????

9:00- Is Russell a point guard or shooting guard?

12:00- Talking 2017 NBA Draft- Ball vs Fultz

18:30- Malik Monk 3rd overall? 

19:30- Assessing Luke Walton's performance this year

30:30- Player vs player breakdown

42:30- The time Jabari made people think he was an NBA player